Top Newbie Programming Mistakes

Learn from other people’s mistakes in programming now so you don’t make them

0. Putting everything into one file

Source: Quora

1. Not / Manually formatting code


2. Not knowing your tools

3. Leaving comments, commenting the code unnecessarily.

Source: Reddit

4. Too many logs


5. Thinking only for the short term

Source: u/amazing7design

6. Running the code after every line of code

Source: u/Ethda2

7. Copy-pasting code, which you don’t understand.

Source: u/MeanLeanNerdMachine

8. Not Knowing/Applying the right Data Structures

Source: Reddit

9. Not knowing the basic ‘Clean Code’ practices

Source: Clean Code by Robert C Martin

10. Large Unorganised Commits

Source: rstein66 on Pinterest

11. Not Knowing/Applying the right Design Patterns

12. Ignoring the Value of Testing


13. Pushing non-relevant resources/data to git

Source: Reddit

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