Top Newbie Programming Mistakes

Learn from other people’s mistakes in programming now so you don’t make them

Dhananjay Trivedi


Some mistakes which most newbies and even some experienced folks (like me) make while writing code and how you can avoid them.

0. Putting everything into one file

Source: Quora

This is the most common mistake you would see a lot of programmers making, writing all their code in one Class/file.

One of the major reasons behind this that we learn most of the coding through video tutorials where most of the authors intention is to explain you the concept/logic and not really around how to structure your code.

Hence, learn to separate out your code into various classes, and move those classes into different files/projects to give a better structure to your project.

1. Not / Manually formatting code


I have seen many people not giving enough emphasis on formatting their code by leaving out blank lines between different logical parts, not intending nested code blocks etc.

While others manually spend their times Tabbing/Spacing left and right, and sometimes leaving way too many blank lines in code for no reason.

Most of the IDEs nowadays comes with auto-formatting tools at your disposal which you can use format your code in a standard way, make sure you enable them and assign friendly shortcuts to always keep your code well-formatted.

2. Not knowing your tools

Just adding to the above point, know what are the plugins/shortcuts you can use to supercharge your development and save yourself those seconds of time of manually triggering certain action in your…