We don’t have to jump into building native apps for these features

Male in a VR mask
Male in a VR mask
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1. Adding Shortcuts for Installed Web App

Become a ninja at coding binary trees

A man sitting at a Macbook with a Christmas tree in the background.
A man sitting at a Macbook with a Christmas tree in the background.
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  • Search is fast for an ordered array, whereas insertion and deletion are fast in a linked list.
  • But searching is slow in a linked list, and insertion and deletion are slow for an ordered array.

A quick dive into the amazing world of Quantum Computing

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  • Classical computers have enabled us to make amazing things. The best example is the Internet.
  • There are still things that classical computing can’t do. The most common example is optimization — the process of finding the best solution among many solutions.

Lessons I learned after blowing up my trading account twice!

1. Start Small

Making those database decisions a little easier and a little wiser

Analytics being shown on a screen.
Analytics being shown on a screen.


Learn from other people’s mistakes in programming now so you don’t make them

0. Putting everything into one file

When I researched it, I found that I’m not alone

pug dog looking sad
pug dog looking sad
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Part 1. Understanding the Problem

Things to keep in mind if you build a web app with Flutter

Hand holding phone
Hand holding phone
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Build personal projects that will give you an edge in your engineering interviews

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Some Myths to Bust Before We Get Started

1. You have to build a project that you are passionate about

The hard and soft skills that great PMs embody

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The Hard Skills

1. Problem-solving attitude


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