Making networking calls has never been easier

1. Adding the Dependencies

In your project’s build.gradle

Also, be sure to add the INTERNET permission in your manifest.xml

2. Getting Started

For our tutorial, we will be using this particular end-point. Open the link and observe its JSON Response.

Foundations to the powers of Reactive Programming for Android Developers

RxJava is a really handy set of library for you to upgrade your Android Development skill set. A lot of companies use this in their projects and it turns out to be a must have skill to have as an Android Developer hence here I am simplifying it for you.

We don’t have to jump into building native apps for these features

The concept of Progressive Web Apps(PWA) has been here for a while, and as developers, we know how easy it is to make your traditional web app a PWA by adding a service worker, manifest, and a logo.

1. Adding Shortcuts for Installed Web App

Installing the web app on a device adds your app icon in…

Lessons I learned after blowing up my trading account twice!

I am a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time Writer and I decided to start learning day trading and in this story, I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned and I wished somebody would have told me before I started day trading. …


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