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It’s so easy that it actually feels like cheating


You might have used Async Callbacks, especially in Kotlin to write Async Code. Here is a scenario when you are supposed to do some Database query after a network request is completed.

This is how you will write the async callbacks:

// Async callbacks
networkRequest { result ->
// Successful network request
databaseSave(result) { rows ->
// Result saved// If there are more dependent operations
// This nested code will only increase

What if we can write sequential code which actually executes asynchronously?

Also, in Android we have to manage different threads, things can get more complex…

Making networking calls has never been easier

1. Adding the Dependencies

In your project’s build.gradle

implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.9.0'
implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:converter-gson:2.9.0'
implementation ''

Also, be sure to add the INTERNET permission in your manifest.xml

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

2. Getting Started

For our tutorial, we will be using this particular end-point. Open the link and observe its JSON Response.

Foundations to the powers of Reactive Programming for Android Developers

RxJava is a really handy set of library for you to upgrade your Android Development skill set. A lot of companies use this in their projects and it turns out to be a must have skill to have as an Android Developer hence here I am simplifying it for you.

Yes, it helps you write Reactive code but so does the Android Jetpack components like Live Data, but there is no one best solution.

RxJava is not the best thing to use in all the cases, in some cases Live Data is better, in others RxJava is better.

Once you…

We don’t have to jump into building native apps for these features

Male in a VR mask

The concept of Progressive Web Apps(PWA) has been here for a while, and as developers, we know how easy it is to make your traditional web app a PWA by adding a service worker, manifest, and a logo.

1. Adding Shortcuts for Installed Web App

Installing the web app on a device adds your app icon in their app menu, but you can customize shortcuts for your app just like any other native apps.

So, instead of opening your home screen every time, your users can choose to access a popular section of your app using the shortcuts. Here’s the code:

Become a ninja at coding binary trees

A man sitting at a Macbook with a Christmas tree in the background.

Trees are an important data structure, as they provide major advantages over other traditional data structures. A tree combines the advantages of an ordered array and a linked list:

  • Search is fast for an ordered array, whereas insertion and deletion are fast in a linked list.
  • But searching is slow in a linked list, and insertion and deletion are slow for an ordered array.

A quick dive into the amazing world of Quantum Computing

Let's start with two basic facts:

  • Classical computers have enabled us to make amazing things. The best example is the Internet.
  • There are still things that classical computing can’t do. The most common example is optimization — the process of finding the best solution among many solutions.

Let’s try to understand the problem of optimization:

Lessons I learned after blowing up my trading account twice!

I am a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time Writer and I decided to start learning day trading and in this story, I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned and I wished somebody would have told me before I started day trading. I am sharing my learnings and experiences for educating you so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

1. Start Small

Making those database decisions a little easier and a little wiser

Analytics being shown on a screen.

Working on new projects is always super exciting — we have the freedom to design and architect the things any way we want. But this planning, when not done properly, can cause us a lot of pain in the future.

Choosing your app database is one of the critical decisions you’ll have to make, and with this article, I intend to introduce you to various database options — along with listing some pros and cons to help you make wiser database decisions.


Our database is structured just like a JSON object — every key is unique, and each key points…

Learn from other people’s mistakes in programming now so you don’t make them

Some mistakes which most newbies and even some experienced folks (like me) make while writing code and how you can avoid them.

0. Putting everything into one file

When I researched it, I found that I’m not alone

pug dog looking sad

Heads-up, this article is not going to be a technical one where I will be complaining about people’s code and bad documentation for developer unhappiness. It’s about a problem which is much bigger, that we all will face in our dev careers, and here we will discuss some solutions as well.

I have broken this article into three parts, where the first part will help you understand the problem and the other two parts are about the solution to the problem.

Part 1. Understanding the Problem

A group of developers did an experiment with some randomly selected developers on GitHub, and they identified a list…


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